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Materials List for School Kites

These items CANNOT be paid for via our on-line payment system,
please call or email us if you wish to order any of this stuff.

Note: Free delivery does NOT apply to these items.

(because they are sent in bulk, we need to calculate freight
based on size of parcel. See bottom for freight breaks)
Blank Blank Handles ready for Line   50 $0.85    
Line10 10kg Line on Handle   50 $2.75    
Line25 25kg Line on Handle   50 $3.25    
Dacron 40kg Braided Line on Handle   50 $4.50    
Bulk10 10kg Line on 1kg Spool 6300m 1 $54.00    
Bulk25 25kg Line on 1kg Spool 2000m 1 $75.00    
Bulk 40 40kg Braided Line 1kg Spool 1000m 1 $85.00    
Fglass2 2mm Fibreglass rod 1m 25 $2.00    
Fglass3 3mm Fibreglass rod 1m 25 $2.50    
Fglass4 4mm Fibreglass rod 1m 25 $2.50    
Fglass5 5mm Fibreglass rod 1m 25 $2.50    
Fglass6 6mm Fibreglass rod 1m 25 $3.00    
Rspar 5.5mm Carbon Tube 1m 25 $7.00    
A20 Sleeve for 5.5mm tube .75m 25 $7.00    
Cspar 6.0mm Carbon Tube 1m 25 $7.00    
C30 Sleeve for 6.0mm tube .75m 25 $7.00    
Tips Protective EndCap for F'glass 2mm 50 $0.20    
3mm 50 $0.20    
4mm 50 $0.20    
5m 50 $0.20    
6mm 50 $0.20    
T Piece Moulded T Piece for Rods 5.5mm i.d. 1 $2.00    
Edge Moulded Edge Connector 5.5mm i.d. 1 $2.00    
Endcap Moulded End Cap 5.5mm i.d. 1 $2.00    
Whisker Standoff set for 5.5mm/6.0mm . 1 Pair per pack   1 $5.00    
S70d 1.5oz Ripstop Nylon 1500mm Wide Red $8.00  
Orange $8.00    
Yellow $8.00    
Green $8.00    
Blue $8.00    


Pink $8.00    
Black $8.00    
Tyvek White Tyvek Kite Paper per metre 1500mm Wide 10 m. $6.50    
  Kite Kits          
S720 Large DIAMOND 77cm x 63cm 10 $5.00    
    SUB TOTAL        
    GST (10%)        

Use the 'buy it' link here to pay odd amounts after you have discussed it with us.
We use this payment for spare parts, accessories etc. that are not priced on the web site. 

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