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School Kite Kits

for Schools, Groups & Clubs


$5.50 ea.

This kite is suitable for Schools, kid's clubs, scouting groups, Sunday Schools or promotions.
It comes with everything ready to put together and absolutely guaranteed to fly.
It has a fibreglass frame and Tyvek sail which is great to paint or draw on with texta or crayons.

Great kite for workshops.

Kite Type:

A Diamond shaped single string kite. It's a simple-to-make kit suitable for preschoolers (with help) up to lower secondary schoolers. Very easy to fly, it works in the lightest of winds and is the perfect kite for teachers to manage in groups. All you need to provide is a stapler and colour-in mediums. The kit contains everything else you need to complete the kites and....Detailed Teacher Instructions.
Winds: 2 kph to 15 kph
Ages: 4 years to 13years
Size: 770mm x 620mm
- Tyvek precut sails
- sets 2mm/3mm Fibreglass rods
- 10kg Line on Winder & - nylon tail sets
- Sticky strips for all kites
- Teacher Instructions
- You will need: a Stapler & Colouring in stuff

grace with a kit kite