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Crop control Bird Scarer

Price: $69.00

includes GST and delivery Australia wide.

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Sky Crow Bird Scarer


Realistic Flying Action - No Birds - Better Crop Yield.
This realistic bird kite is the best protection you can get for crops, vineyards, orchards or anywhere birds are a problem.
Comes complete with instructions on how to erect your bird scarer. Heavy Duty ripstop nylon sail with fibreglass frame. 

* Full Statutory Warranty—Free Delivery to your Door *

Kite Type:

This is NOT a toy kite. It is designed for farmers to deter birds from eating fruit and grain crops. 


  • Winds: Not relevant - mounts on a pole to still be effective if there is no wind. (pole or assembly not included.)
  • Size: 1.3m


  • Ripstop Sail
  • Tube Fibreglass frame

Sail Detail Rods & Connectors In the Packet

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